Why should I hire you?

We are passionate about event lighting and will dedicate our efforts to make your wedding or special event as beautiful as it can be.
We provide you with the best lighting, audio and visuals equipments to make your event a memorable one.

Why are our Prices different?

Well to begin with this question our answer is actually very simple, event styling company.
We make sure you get what you need and we make you stand out form other events. Our equipment vary
form other Audio & Lighting companies. We bring you the best service and the finest quality, we are confident
in what we do that’s for sure! We don’t take chances!

Do we meet our clients prior to confirmation?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we find this necessary. We meet prior to booking in order to get an
understanding in person, of exactly the service we need to provide. We also prefer to meet approximately
one month before your event to ensure every detail has been covered.

How long notice do we need to give you before we plan an event with you?

It is strongly recommended that you book your entertainment as soon as possible! In some cases you may be able to book a few months before event
Remember, booking entertainment (especially DJs) is like booking a catering hall or photographer:
the really good and popular ones are booked very early!

Can I visit or see your on going event?

Unfortunately No, due to our privacy policy, we do not schedule or allow our potential clients to visit
where another clients event is taking place on the day of. We respect all of our customers and their privacy.
But we do have our company portfolio where you can look through our past events!

How experience are you as a company?

Considering we have done over a lot of event in the previous years, we can proudly say that we have covered all
of the most common ethnic events possible! The important thing to note is that we will never
falsely represent ourselves for the sake of getting a gig. As we grow forward and keep gaining new clients we tend to have a stronger portfolio. Having various of experiences over the past years, we can proudly say that our company is one in a million!

Why do I need proper lighting?

Lighting can be a great asset to a party as it can suggest a mood of sheer elegance. It can also
help define the dancing area. By dimming the remaining room lights you can create an atmosphere in which
your guests feel more comfortable to dance. When selecting your options, be sure to convey the atmosphere
you are looking for.

Do you have an on-site technician?

Yes. Having an onsite lighting expert is fundamental to our uplighting service. Our technician will arrive a
few hours before your event commences to execute the lighting and audio setup accordingly. Our technician will stay onsite throughout the event, maintaining
the lights and making color modifications if desired. Of course, our technician will be dressed appropriately
for your wedding

Do you work with other vendors?

We are very particular about the way we coordinate our events. You deserve nothing less than
perfection and we strive to deliver that. That being said it is very important that we communicate effectively
with your other vendors to ensure that everything is running smoothly and there are no mistakes.

We leave no questions unanswered, email us and we would be happy to answer all your questions